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Migrate, Work, Live

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The Territory Boundless Possible

Come for the lifestyle, stay for the opportunities and you'll be rewarded with fast-tracked career progression, a welcoming community and a chance to make a real impact.

Make your move to the Territory.
It's time.

In the Territory you can take time for what’s important to you - not because you’re doing less, but because you spend less time stuck in traffic and lost in crowds.

If you’ve ever wondered what you could be doing instead, now’s the time to find out.

Discover now

Make your time matter.

With unmatched opportunity to propel your career and make a difference in the community, all while having the time to soak in afternoon sunsets, catch up with friends and wine and dine in world-class restaurants, cafes and bars....

The Territory is waiting for you.

Want to know more about The Territory?

The Territory is a dynamic and eclectic place, with each city having its own unique charm. From the Top End to the Red Centre, Arnhem Land to the Barkly Region - no two places are the same.

Discover The Territory