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Sharing Boundless Possible far and wide

A couple sit on their lounge an watch the sunset

Taken from the words of over 700 Territorians, Boundless Possible captures the essence of the people, the landscapes and the lifestyle we enjoy.

Now it's time to share that with the rest of Australia and the world.

Beginning with a 60 second television commercial broadcast nationally during the AFL Grand Final, and consolidated in the following two weeks on both television and in cinemas, the Boundless Possible message was delivered far and wide around Australia.

To build on the awareness created by the 60 second television commercial, we created a shorter 30 second version.

The 30 second television commercial has been aired to targeted audiences within the Territory and throughout regional areas along the eastern seaboard. This shortened version provides a taste of our story and encourages viewers to find out more, with a hope that we can start to change their perceptions of the Territory.

The Boundless Possible commercials were amplified with an anthem written specifically for us. The track captures the essence of Boundless Possible and speaks to future Territorians, letting them know "we're calling and we're waiting for you to come by".

"We're calling and we're waiting for you to come by..."

As we continue to spread the Boundless Possible message, these commercials become tools that you can use. Wherever possible, we hope to play them in support of any work that is positive, and in the spirit and intent of Boundless Possible.

Together we can showcase all of the amazing things we love about the Territory, our Boundless Possible.