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Angela Millar | Business Manager

Angela Millar at her desk

Before moving I naively thought The Territory was going to be a whole lot of red dirt.

It was 14 months ago and I wanted change. I wanted adventure and I wanted to explore more of this beautiful country we call home.

I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived and realised how much of Darwin is surrounded by these gorgeous scenic ocean views. I love the water and places like Mindil Beach and East Point helped me feel at home when everything else felt brand new.

I was definitely nervous about the move. I had to overcome fears around whether or not I would be able to find work or if it would be good for my career, and how I would handle being away from my family and friends. I needn’t have worried though! From Day One everyone has been so welcoming and kind.

I began a career with the Northern Territory Government and have had the opportunity to work with great mentors who encourage my professional development, provide me with opportunity to grow and improve frequently and offer me support wherever I need it.

"Being up here has meant I could really advance and focus on my career and has led me to where I am today."

I’m currently wearing a few hats; Executive Assistant for DefenceNT, Acting Business Manager for Northern Australia Development and Trade and the Acting Executive Assistant to the General Manager for Northern Australia Development and Trade.

It’s fast-paced but so unlike what you experience down south. The people and the way of life in the Territory has been extremely refreshing, it’s like the everyday stress and pressures disappear and the people are appreciated, celebrated even!

Angela Millar at her desk

"You’re encouraged to enjoy yourself. To spend time outdoors having fun and socialising, and not taking life too seriously. I have had the best time being free and making the most of this beautiful place with friends."

There are so many beautiful places to explore. The waterfalls, swimming holes and walking tracks of places like Litchfield National Park are stunning and I think I’ve gone to see the Jumping Crocs in Adelaide river about six times! I never get sick of going.

"My partner and I plan to travel all through the territory when we can take the time off. There’s no better way to explain life out here than like living an endless summer."