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Living in Alice Springs

Alice Springs lookout

Meet Alice, the spiritual and physical heart of Australia.

The suburban landscape in Alice is typified by large blocks of land and single-storey homes. Many families are drawn to the area due to the convenience of schools, parks and activities for the kids. Older houses were built as government housing in the 1940s and 50s, and it’s not uncommon for most houses in a street to have identical original floor plans.

In recent years, units have become more common due to the influx of singles to the area for opportunity and adventure.

Alice Springs has a fully equipped teaching hospital and a range of GPs, dentists and other specialised health services.

There is a large range of primary, secondary and tertiary education options as well as childcare facilities. To see a list of childcare services in your area visit

To see a list of schools in your area visit the Northern Territory Government’s Education Directory

Download the 2019 Calendar for Northern Territory Schools PDF (589.2 KB)

For information on the real estate market in the Northern Territory read the REINT’s real estate local market publication. Check your favourite online real estate website for accommodation options.

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The Weather

Smack-bang in the centre of Australia, Alice is a land of extremes. Hot summer days are contrasted against frosty, sub-zero winter nights.

Alice Springs experiences long, dry periods followed by flash floods and spectacular storms. When the rainfall is good the region comes to life with lush grasses and wildflowers.

Sunset at Alice Springs

The Culture

With deep spiritual origins dating back more than 30,000 years Alice Springs (or Mpantwe) has an abundance of rich culture and history.

The town is recognised as one of the most diverse and accepting communities in the country and the 29,000 residents have come from far and wide. As the gateway to many central Australian gems including the iconic Uluru, Alice Springs has a large population of travellers. This combination of rich spiritual roots and wanderers in search of adventure has given Alice her vibrancy.

Uluru at sunset

Working in Alice Springs

Alice Springs is the central hub for many neighbouring remote communities and travellers. Opportunities for career advancement in the region exist in a variety of fields from education and administration through to health and social work.

To learn more about what opportunity looks like in Alice Springs explore some of our first-hand accounts from those who have made the leap and experienced career advancement.

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