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Living in Nhulunbuy

Couple look at the sunset in Nhulunbuy

One of the last wilderness areas on earth, East Arnhem Land has been home to the Yolngu Aboriginal people for more than 40,000 years.

Nhulunbuy is home to less than 4000 people. It is the service centre for nearby mining operations and the commercial base for the East Arnhem region.

Whilst the township is remote it still provides all the comforts of home. The community shopping centre offers your local Woolworths, BWS and Westpac bank. Housing in the area ranges from flats and duplex accommodation through to houses for families. The cost of living is considered to be quite high due to long freight routes to transport goods in and out of the town.

Road access to the town is only available by 4WD and only during the Dry Season, often being cut off by flood waters during the wetter months. QANTAS and Airnorth offer regular flights in and out of Nhulunbuy direct to Cairns and Darwin.

The backbone of the health support in Nhulunbuy is the Gove District Hospital, with emergency air services available to the Royal Darwin Hospital. Supporting the hospital there are other practitioners both in town and visiting periodically.

Nhulunbuy offers a good education network to support children from early childhood years through to further education. There are three schools: Nhulunbuy Primary School, Nhulunbuy High School and Nhulunbuy Christian College.

To see a list of childcare services in the area visit

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For information on the real estate market in the Northern Territory read the REINT’s Real estate local market publication. Check your favourite online real estate website for accommodation options.

The Weather

Nhulunbuy sits in a tropical savannah climate similar to that of Darwin and Palmerston. Rather than the usual four seasons there are only two.

From May to October the region enjoys The Dry season with cool evenings (dropping to 20C) and warm, sunshine-filled days. The remaining months of the year The Wet season rolls in bringing with it high humidity, powerful storms and an explosion of colour as the local flora and fauna comes to life.

The Culture

Nhulunbuy is considered one of Australia’s last strongholds of traditional Aboriginal culture and the community works to protect, develop and celebrate their customs.

Each August, the Yidaki call announces the start of Garma, the largest and most vibrant annual celebration of Yolngu culture.

Nhulunbuy supports a laid-back, natural lifestyle. The beautiful, rugged landscape and white sandy beaches are an escape from the hustle and bustle of city living and the region attracts adventurers from far and wide in search of a chance to connect with this beautiful country and its rich, traditional culture.

Locals spend their time enjoying nature-based activities including fishing, bush walking, camping, traditional arts, hunting and bush-tucker safaris.

Couple look at the sunset in Nhulunbuy

Working in Nhulunbuy

As a critical centre for the servicing of the many remote East Arnhem communities, Nhulunbuy offers a variety of career opportunities for those interested in an adventure and personal growth.

To learn more about what opportunity looks like in Nhulunbuy explore some of our first-hand accounts from those who have made the leap and experienced career advancement.

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