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Migrate, Work, Live

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Grow your career in The Territory

A land alive and inspiring; where we don't just dream of achieving. We thrive on it.

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Come for the lifestyle, stay for the opportunities and you'll be rewarded with fast-tracked career progression, a welcoming community and a chance to make a real impact.

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Helping to make the move for work a little easier

Making the move interstate to grow your career is a big step.

The ‘Welcome to the Territory’ incentives can help eligible applicants move to The Territory through financial incentives. Visit the Welcome to the Territory incentives page to see if you're eligible.

Looking for work in The Territory?  The Work in the Northern Territory page has useful information for job seekers .

Want to know more about The Territory?

The Territory is a dynamic and eclectic place with each city and town having its own unique charm. From the Top End to Central Australia, Arnhem Land to the Barkley region - no two places are the same.

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