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Change your lifestyle in The Territory

This is a land where ambition and drive lives in harmony with lifestyle and the moments that truly matter.

Why move to The Territory?

Change your lifestyle, grow your career and make a real impact. The opportunities are boundless in The Territory.

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Events to keep you busy year round

From music festivals and sporting events to amazing art installations and cultural festivals, you'll never be bored in The Territory.

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Sport is in our blood

With our enviable warm weather year-round, we love our sport and recreation in The Territory.

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Quality education for all

The Territory has a variety of education options available from childcare through to tertiary education.

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Health in The Territory

Health and medical services are available throughout The Territory, with a variety of public and private general practices, clinics and hospitals to deliver these services.

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Buying a home in The Territory

With affordable prices and incentives to make it easier, buying a home is not just a dream in The Territory. It can be a reality.

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Want to know more about The Territory?

The Territory is a dynamic and eclectic place with each city and town having its own unique charm. From the Top End to Central Australia, Arnhem Land to the Barkley region - no two places are the same.

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