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Buying a home in The Territory

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With affordable prices and incentives to make it easier, buying a home is not just a dream in The Territory. It can be a reality.

Housing in The Territory

Housing styles vary greatly in Australia's Northern Territory (NT), from large houses and apartments to more compact living.

In the tropical north elevated houses with louvered windows and ceiling fans are common, while in the south there are more traditional Australian house designs. These are typically ground-level brick houses with wide shady verandas to keep the house cool.

House and unit prices differ across the NT. For more information about housing costs go to the Real Estate Institute of the Northern Territory website

Home owner incentives

You may be eligible for financial help to build or buy a home in The Territory with a range of government grants, concessions or rebates available.

BuildBonus grant

If you are building or buying a new home in the Northern Territory, you may be eligible for the BuildBonus grant.

Territory home owner discount

If you are buying an established home, a new home or land to build a new home in the Northern Territory (NT), you may be eligible for the Territory Home Owner Discount.

First home owner grant

How to apply for a $26,000 grant to buy or build a new home in The Territory.

First home owner discount

If you are buying an established home up to the value of $650,000 you can apply for up to $23,928.60 off stamp duty.

Household goods grant scheme

Apply for a grant of up to $2,000 to buy household goods.

Home renovation grant

How to apply for up to $10,000 to renovate your home.

Home Buyer Initiative

The Home Buyer Initiative assists low or middle income earners to become a homeowner in the NT.

Homebuild Access

HomeBuild Access aims to increase the supply of new and affordable homes in the Northern Territory.

Stamp duty: senior, pensioner and carer concession

If you are aged over 60, a pensioner or a carer holding a Northern Territory Pensioner and Carer Concession card, you can apply for $10,000 in stamp duty relief.