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Migrate, Work, Live

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Why move to The Territory?

Sunset in Alice Springs

Change your lifestyle, grow your career and make a real impact. The opportunities are boundless in The Territory.

Here in The Territory, we enjoy an enviable laidback lifestyle with amazing weather, excellent career opportunities, short commutes, spectacular displays of outback starry skies, and colourful tropical sunsets with friendly and inclusive people.

We have an amazing community spirit, welcoming newcomers with boundless enthusiasm. Many people in the Territory have moved here from somewhere else, so it’s an easy place to meet people and make new friends.

We already know that lifestyle, environment, cultural diversity and vibrant, supportive communities are reasons to celebrate being a Territorian…our goal is to tell that story across Australia and around the world.

Change your lifestyle

This is a land where ambition and drive lives in harmony with lifestyle and the moments that truly matter. Here you can grow your career and still be home to watch the sunset.

Because The Territory gives you the time and the space to connect in ways you can't anywhere else. With the land. With the community. And with yourself.

Grow your career

Grow your career, start a business and make a real impact; here the opportunities are boundless. This is a place where you hear 'give it a go' a lot more than you hear the word 'no'. And where humility sees innovative thinking simply referred to as 'getting things done'.

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A place where you see what can be achieved when diversity's not an's a shared history and a way of life.

Make a real impact

This is one of the most culturally diverse places in the world, with over 100 nationalities living harmoniously together. To be a Territorian is to understand we are not bound by tradition, we grow from tradition. Here, diversity is not an's a shared history and a way of life.

Be inspired by our Boundless Possible story

Featuring spectacular footage from across The Territory, our brand manifesto video captures all the things we love about our home.