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Migrate, Work, Live

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News & events

Here you’ll find current and past events, news about The Territory, the masterbrand project and The Story. Explore and learn more about The Territory masterbrand.

The Boundless Possible Story

There’s a place where anything is possible.

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Frequently asked questions

We explain what Boundless Possible is, why we need it, and how it will showcase The Territory to the world.

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NT future forecast: sunny with increasing solar power

The weather dictates everything Elyse Wise does. Her day can change in seconds. On this occasion, as she walks around Uterne, the largest solar farm to supply power to Alice Springs, the sun is beaming down on her, doing its job.

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How one woman has shaped the NT's native food industry

Raylene Brown spent a lot of time on the road with her parents growing up. They travelled across northern Australia wherever work took them. But no matter where they went, a love of native food went with them.

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The road trip that turned into one of NT’s biggest construction companies

How a ute, some tools and a road trip turned into one of the NT’s biggest construction companies.

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Fashioning a colourful future for Northern Territory textile design

Welfare rights lawyer Maggie McGowan intended to build her law experience when she moved from Melbourne to the Northern Territory in 2013.

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Meet the medical researcher that built a world-class career on local soil

A few decades ago, the Stuart Highway was the only road into Darwin – just a handful of traffic lights were needed to keep cars moving. The Northern Territory felt incredibly remote, Mark Mayo recalls. People would put pen to paper and wait for the postman to deliver news.

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Designing a new life in the Northern Territory

Young design graduates in Australia’s major cities face a battle when they’re looking for their first job. Only the best secure roles in the top firms. Melbourne-raised Brett Jacobs knew he had what it took to succeed, but opted to jump on a plane and see the world before leaping in to professional life.

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Sharing Boundless Possible far and wide

Taken from the words of over 400 Territorians, Boundless Possible captures the essence of the people, the landscapes and the lifestyle we enjoy.

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Boundless Possible launches to new heights with QLD rocket launch

As we launch Boundless Possible into the atmosphere and onto the global stage, there's never been a better time to live in the Territory.

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Boundless Possible One Day Shopping Festival

Join us for the Boundless Possible One Day Shopping Festival and take advantage of over 120 exclusive offers at your favourite stores!

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CBD Expo

Join us on Saturday 1 December at the Darwin Convention Centre for the CBD Expo. Find out about the City Deal and what's happening around the CBD, plus loads of fun activities for the kids with live street art, virtual reality (VR) tours and the chance to win great prizes.

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A fantastic opportunity that you don't get in a lot of places

I remember when I first arrived, I was walking through Smith Street Mall with a new friend and everyone was stopping and saying hello to her. Coming from a big city I was so shocked - she seemed to know everyone!

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The Territory: it's not what you'd expect

You’ve heard us talk about the surprising qualities the Territory has to offer, but don’t just take our word for it. We recently asked Territorians what they think would surprise people most about this amazing place.

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