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How to use the brand

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The Territory is a place that has long been misunderstood. Now it's time to change that with the Boundless Possible story.

The Territory is an amazing place with untapped potential.  And in order to achieve this potential, we need to sustainably grow our population to help enhance economic growth.

As part of our population strategy, our aim is to attract people from specific population sectors to move to the Territory and encourage those who live here already, to stay longer.

There’s just one challenge. The Territory has an image problem.

“Misperception” (noun) – A mistaken belief, idea or interpretation about something.

Changing perceptions

Boundless Possible seeks to reset what comes to mind when people think of us. Currently, they think of Crocodile Dundee, dust and dirt. But really it's far from it.

We spoke to hundreds of Territorians to pin down what we can truthfully claim to talk about, and similar themes began to emerge:

  • Connected
  • Open minded
  • Optimistic and proud
  • Warm and welcoming
  • Enormous opportunity
  • Rich in culture
  • Creative and quirky
  • Sophisticated and filled with potential

We’ve been quietly growing, innovating, exploring new directions and building a future for the new Territory. We want to show people and the rest of the world, that The Territory’s not what they might think. It’s the unexpected. A place with boundless opportunities, where anything is possible.

And from this, we developed the new Territory story, our Boundless Possible narrative.

It a story built from the words and spirit of Territorians. And is something that represents and belongs to everyone living here. It embodies the spirit and essence of this place, our people, our culture. And has been created by Territorians for Territorians.

It a story built from the words and spirit of Territorians.  And is something that represents and belongs to everyone living here. It embodies the spirit and essence of this place, our people, our culture. And has been created by Territorians for Territorians.

By making Boundless Possible part of your business identity, you’re telling people you’re an integral part of the Territory, showcasing innovation, excellence and our unique quality of life.

We want you to leverage the commercial benefits and become part of the bigger picture - sharing a fresh and innovative new identity for the modern Territory.

Businesses, community organisations, and government agencies can use the array of Masterbrand assets to help tell their story in the best possible way.

To reshape people’s perceptions of what the modern Territory has to offer and what it truly means to be a Territorian.

Here’s just a few ways you can use the brand:


Help increase your brand’s overall reach to new audiences by leveraging from Masterbrand’s exposure.

Freshen your messaging

Use the Boundless Possible narrative to develop a clever twist on your traditional messaging.


Use Boundless Possible to help in attracting talent from outside the Territory.

Telling your Boundless Possible story

Territorians have amazing stories to tell. Share these far and wide to showcase The Territory we know and love.

When should I use the brand?

If you are working within an NTG Department or organisation use this simple chart to evaluate whether or not the Boundless Possible brand is appropriate to use. Remember that for most regular, day-to-day messaging you will often need to continue using the current NTG branding.


If you determine that the Boundless Possible brand is suitable for your message, please work closely with the Masterbrand team to ensure it is on-brand and on-message.

Masterbrand NT team

If you are part of an independent organisation that is not within the Northern Territory Government, but would still like to align with The Territory brand, there are two ways in which you are able to.

1. Strategically

You must decide how much you want to align yourself with the Territory’s strategy. Are you trying to get people to live, work, study, visit or invest here?

If yes, it’s likely you will want to work with the Masterbrand team to help align your strategy with the brand strategy.

2. Visually

Independent organisations are not able to adopt The Territory visual identity in full.

However, alignment is achieved through a logo 'lock-up', this is how we define co-branding with The Territory.

Example of a partner lock-up


If you would like to align The Territory brand with your organisation, our Masterbrand team is available to help ensure you are on-brand and on-message.

Masterbrand NT team

Ready to get started?

Visit the brand toolkit where you can download assets and a copy of the brand guidelines.

Don't forget, the Masterbrand team is here to help .

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